Message from the Director of Operations

Welcome to the IIT Interprofessional Projects Program. We appreciate your interest in learning more about this concept we call "IPRO."

We share the same belief held by many organizations: “It takes a team!” It is the mission of the IPRO Program at IIT to foster knowledge, develop competency, and enrich the experience of all our students to work effectively in diverse teams.

Since its inception in 1995, the IPRO Program has provided IIT students an educational experience that has a unique and unrivaled emphasis on interprofessional team projects. The practical skills and insight that students gain from their IPRO experience increases their value to prospective employers and prepares them to make early and substantive contributions in their chosen professions. Many organizations have also benefited from their direct participation in the IPRO experience—interacting with our teams as sponsors and identifying candidates for internships or career positions.

Enjoy exploring our website, as we share the innovative, creative and collaborative dimensions of the IPRO experience. You are sure to discover awesome examples of how students, faculty and sponsors are inspired by the diversity and accomplishments of our IPRO teams.

Thomas M. Jacobius
Director of Operations, Interprofessional Projects Program