How do I enroll in an IPRO?

IPRO section sizes are limited based on the scope of the project, although most will be on the order of 10 to 12 students. In order to assure multidisciplinarity of teams, there are restrictions that limit the number of students from any one department to about one-half of the total team size.

Also there are specific IPRO sections that satisfy the capstone requirement for certain engineering majors (CAEE majors in CE and ARCE) or enrollment in a cross-listed course (ChBE seniors enroll in CHE 496, ChBE sophomores enroll in CHE 296, all of whom are eventually assigned to an IPRO section along with non-ChBE majors.)

Steps for enrolling in an IPRO course

The general steps to follow in registering for an IPRO course are included below:


Review the IPRO project sections described at the IPRO web site, and select an IPRO topic that fits your interest and your schedule. Students planning to enroll in an IPRO for the first time are encouraged to consider one of the IPRO 397 sections based on a new prototype for the IPRO 2.0 course, with an emphasis on learning the user-centered design process, interprofessional best practices and incubating new IPRO ideas.


Students are encouraged to email the instructors to share background and interest, with an emphasis on why you would like to join their project team and how you feel that you can contribute to its success. In some cases as indicated, enrollment is by permit only based on your email to the instructor and a positive response.


IPRO course sections are found in MyIIT Banner under the subject "Interprofessional Project." Each IPRO team project course section has a CRN. Many seats are open for students to register for, but there may be restrictions on the number of students from the same major in order to create a balanced team. There are some IPRO sections that are by permit, requiring the approval of the IPRO instructor. Tom Jacobius will then be given the names of students to be permitted into those IPRO sections and will guide students toward completing the registration process. There are special steps involved for students taking their second IPRO who are majoring in civil, architectural and chemical engineering related to the capstone IPRO choices.

Two IPRO Courses are Required to Graduate

All undergraduates must complete two IPRO courses to fulfill general education requirements (with the exception of ROTC students, who must complete one IPRO course). Generally, students can select the IPRO topics that interest them the most and fit their schedule. However, individual degree programs may specify when students should ideally enroll in an IPRO course and what type of IPRO topic they should consider.

Downtown and ID Campus Students Welcome to Join IPRO Teams

Students from Stuart School of Business and Chicago-Kent College of Law should consult their advisers for the appropriate course designation in order to join an IPRO team. Stuart School of Business students look for "SSB 550-xxx". Institute of Design students can enroll in "IPRO 597-xxx" in consultation with their academic adviser.


E-mail Tom Jacobius ( if you have any questions. Thanks!