How do I select an IPRO project?

Choose an IPRO project that interests you the most!

We urge students to choose a project they are excited about and for which they are prepared to make a serious investment of time and effort to contribute to its success. Companies and organizations often use IPRO projects to recruit interns and employees, so your IPRO experience could lead to a job.

If you are taking your first IPRO course, you can elect to take IPRO 397-001/002 , also called IPRO I: Interprofessional by Design. The course is an intensive, action-oriented, dynamic learning experience guided by a team of instructors from the fields of design, engineering, business and psychology. Through their work in the IPRO I course, students develop topics for future IPRO projects. After completing IPRO I, they can elect to continue with the topic when it becomes an IPRO 497 class.

If you have questions about an IPRO project topic or what your role could be on the team, we encourage you to contact the faculty adviser to ask for more information. You can also contact IPRO Program staff if you need help in selecting an IPRO course that will be a good fit for your major.

The IPRO Program holds a registration fair each semester during advising week. The event includes exhibits for projects that will be offered in subsequent semesters, and faculty and students from continuing projects will be on hand. The event provides a great opportunity for you to be in direct contact with a project before joining its team.