Propose a Project

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or employer/sponsor/alumni; you have the same opportunity to create an IPRO course. This section has specific instructions for anyone who has an idea or would like to create an IPRO. It takes a bit of work to get an IPRO course started, but the benefits are tremendous. Please keep in mind, as you are preparing to propose your IPRO idea, that the IPRO program is essentially geared towards providing a profitable, interdisciplinary experience for the students.

So you have an idea for an IPRO...

The IPRO office would like to get employers involved in another aspect of the IPRO Program – the creation of new IPROs. The IPRO Program is all about getting students involved. It provides real life problems to be solved by interdisciplinary teams, and engages students in work that closely represents what can be expected in the workplace.

In order to propose an IPRO:

  1. Go to the on-line Proposal Process system and read the instructions carefully.

  2. Study the example proposals

  3. Fill out the IPRO proposal form by fully and thoughtfully describing your idea.

  4. Find one or more professors who will commit to serving as instructor(s) for your IPRO. If you do not have a professor’s backing for your proposal, it will NOT be considered.

  5. Coordinate with the professor(s) to strengthen the proposal, sign and submit your proposal by the due date.

    Before submitting your proposal, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

    • Does my IPRO proposal support the IPRO learning objectives? Each proposed IPRO should have the potential to involve at least seven students from different disciplines of study, encourage effective communication and project management, require students to be resourceful, and offer a real life, non-trivial problem to be solved.

    • Do I have a sponsor? While IPROs do not always have a sponsor, it is highly recommended that you identify a person or company as a sponsor, which will increase the likelihood that your proposal will be receive priority consideration.

    • Is my proposal interesting? Has a similar project been popular in the past? Your topic should be relevant, and the topic or technology involved should be fun and exciting.

    • Does it solve a real problem? The proposed IPRO should address a challenging problem that undergraduates could solve over one, or ideally several semesters, and should have a significant positive impact for IIT or the sponsor.

    Any questions? Tom Jacobius at the IPRO Program Office at Good luck!